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The 101 Forward Control Club and Register Limited is an established 'non-profit' historic vehicle preservation society and membership organisation related to the 101 inch Forward Control Land Rover.  Although not (currently) a Registered Charity, our club works toward the charitable objectives of maintaining and promoting our vehicle heritage for the benefit of society.

The club was founded in 1988 by Peter Wardley, who is now an honorary member and has the enviable membership number of "1".Other honorary members include 'Mrs 101' Alma Busby, wife of the sadly deceased Land Rover Project Engineer for the vehicle; Norman Busby, Tom Sheppard MBE the well known author of "The Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide" and "Offroader Driving" to name a few and the leader of the British Joint Services West East Sahara Expedition.

The overall aims of the club are to enable members to maintain, preserve, use and enjoy their vehicles, and to provide the opportunity for owners to meet and 'talk' 101's. We have a growing and constantly developing archive and a central part of our activities is to participate in shows and events in order to enable the general public to discover and enjoy the vehicle.

Providing specific support is needed as the vehicle has many unique parts, which can prove difficult (or otherwise expensive) to obtain. The club has attempted to combat this problem by initiating an on-going re-manufacturing process. Most notably this has included the re-manufacture of stainless steel fuel tanks, door tops and fuel filler hoses, made exactly to the original design specification. The club was the first to be invited to use the newly opened 'Jungle Track' at the Land Rover Solihull site.

The legal and managerial structure of the club is as a non-profit making private company, limited by guarantee with charitable objectives. Registered in the United Kingdom, this 'new' limited company was formed in July 2002 to officially take over the roles, responsibilities, assets and liabilities of the 'club'. The limited company has no issued share capital and does not employ any full or part time staff. Three Directors, one of whom is also the legal 'Company Secretary' are drawn from a committee of 10 annually elected ordinary members. All fully paid current members have one vote. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting, usually held at the end of October at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire. Overseas members and those unable to attend the meeting are offered a Proxy or Postal vote.

All committee members, officers and authorized agents give their time voluntarily.

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