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The Club now  produces an electronic pdf colour magazine, entitled Six Stud, which is emailed  out at regular intervals to current  members. It usually  contains articles written by members concerning use (playing in the mud, expeditions to exotic places, etc.) maintenance (for example, how to replace the brake servo) and history of the 101 Forward Control Land Rover as well as any Club news..

Members may also write letters to the editor or advertise their local events.

Articles can be submitted at any time, via e-mail, Through the post on CD-ROM, or by sending a letter. Non- members are welcome to submit relevant material - especially 'in service' material - to the magazine.

Commercial advertising within the newsletter is welcomed - contact the editor for further details.

Tips For Article Submission:

  1. Photographs are welcome, and should be sent as the original jpeg images from your digital camera, or failing that, real photographic prints from your film camera. If you would like your prints to be returned, please include a note with your return address included, thank you.

  2. When sending an e-mail, please use the words "sixstud" or "6stud" in the email subject line, which will make them easier to find.

  3. Please don't embed images into a word-processor document as this degrades the picture quality. Please send them as separate attachments or files. This allows me to keep the picture quality as high as is possible for the newsletter.

  4. Don't bother with fancy formatting of your article, as it will most likely be altered to fit in the magazine (although you can suggest where your pictures should go). The only formatting request I would ask is that you leave one or more blank lines between paragraphs.


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